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It will harm your dog. I suggest you not do it.

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Q: What happens if you blow marijuana smoke in your dogs nose?
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Can dogs go blind from eating marijuana?

Yes it is true that scientific studies have shown that dogs who eat or inhale second hand smoke from marijuana will go blind

What danger are their to dogs from marijuana smoke around them?

they may become lazy and hungry lol

Can feeding dogs marijuana stems kill them?

No, it is a healthy high because your pet is not inhaling the smoke of the weed.

If someone blows marijuana smoke in a dogs face will it hurt the dog?

Marijuana smoke will not kill your dog. The active ingredient, THC, is not fatal unless it is in extremely high quantities, much more than second or even first hand marijuana smoke (and I suspect your dog doesn't smoke pot) In fact, it is virtually impossible to fatally overdose on THC, which is why there are little to no marijuana overdose deaths every year, and why many feel that marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Can dogs inhale marijuana?

only the dogs that know how to breath.

Can dogs get high on marijuana?

Yes they do

Do dogs smoke?

NO dogs do not smoke. they might inhale some if their owners smokes though.

Can dogs use marijuana pills?

yes they can.

Is ciggerate smoke bad for dogs?

Yes.Cigarette smoke, in fact any sort of smoke, is bad for people, dogs, cats or anything else.

Do dogs smoke crack?


Why do dogs get agitated when you blow on there ears?

It tickles them.

Does blowing weed smoke in a dog's ear work?

Only if the dog wants it to. Not all dogs enjoy marijuana, but the ones who do usually make sure they're able to get some on their own. If the dog walks away from you when you smoke, clearly he doesn't like it. If he sits close to you and watches closely, try blowing the smoke where he can get to it if he wants it.