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Q: What element is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools?
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How does chlorine effect newly pierced ears?

Your colors look brighter and your white look whiter. Chlorine is an oxidizer (bleach contains chlorine) Chlorine is used in swimming pools to kill bacteria that is harmful to humans, in lower concentrations it's used as a surface disinfectant to kill bacteria and mold in kitchens and bathrooms. When used in pools it's concentration is monitored to ensure it is in safe levels that work to kill germs but low enough to not bleach your skin* (*not that it would but I am just saying for humour content). As for your ear piercings the pool should pose no harm to your piercings and you should shower after swimming and rinse the piercings out just to be on the safe side.

What is the difference between chlorine and moronic acid in pools?

Moronic Acid is an anti-retroviral agent used to treat HIV. Chlorine (especially free chlorine) is an effective disinfectant used to kill (especially) bacteria in water, like swimming pools and drinking water systems. I wonder if the questioner meant muriatic (hydrochloric) acid, which is sometimes used to lower the pH of pool water.

How do you kill head lice in a swimming pool?

You don't.

How do painkillers kill bacteria?

Painkillers (analgesics) do not kill bacteria or viruses. They reduce the pain by: * reducing swelling and other inflammation * interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses reporting the pain to the brain * interfering with the short term memory and the recollection of pain * reducing the awareness of pain Antibiotics kill bacteria. They contain ingredients that kill these microorganisms outright, weaken them, or affect their ability to grow and multiply until your body's own defenses can kill them.

How much bleach do you put in the swimming pool to kill allege?

2gallons per 10k of water

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What yellowish gas is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools?

Type your answer here... Chlorine gas is used to kill bacteria in the swimming pools.

What element is used to kill bacteria and other harmful microo rganisms in swimming pools?

You use bottles of the element chlorine diluted water.

Which element is a very poisonous gas named for its pale green color and used in swimming pools to kill bacteria?


Is chlorine with water in it explosive?

No. In fact chlorine is added to swimming pools to kill bacteria.

Kill algee in swimming pools?


How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria?

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria ?

What is the element which is used to kill germs in tap water?

i should think clorine - it is used in swimming pools in killing any germs

Why do they use chlorine in pools?

To kill bacteria

Where chlorine gas is used to kill bacteria?

It is often used in pools to kill both algae and bacteria that is produced.

Why swimming pools have chlorine?

to keep the water clean and kill germs

All the reasons why chlorine is used in swimming pools?

You use it to kill the jerms in the pool!

Why is chlorine used in swimmining pools?

To prevent algae from growing and to kill bacteria