What drug category is marijuana listed?

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Marijuana is considered to be a "downer" considering that it relaxes the user and can make the user drowsy. The drug is a narcotic

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Q: What drug category is marijuana listed?
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What category is marijuana?

Narcotic Drug

What drug category is marijuana?


What drug category of drug does marijuana fall under IN A DRUG TESt?


What category does this drug fit into?

alcohol marijuana steriods

What drug category is cocaine and crack listed at?

Crack/Cocaine is listed as a stimulant.

Is it okay to smoke marijuana while taking levothyroxine?

THERE IS A SMALL LIST OF drug/drug interactions, howeveer marijuana is not listed, because it is an illegal drug and no tests have been done or published.

You are going for an urine test and you use marijuana would you be test positive even if the main purpose of the test is not a drug test?

My answer would positive because marijuana is the main dangerous drug which can ensure other in the category .

What drug category psilocybin mushrooms listed as?

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are psychedelic hallucinogens of the tryptamine class.

Is drug use a victimless crime?

Generally, yes. Drug addiction, however, is not. It tends to destroy families and the person who has the addiction. You listed marijuana as a category, which isn't a comparable addiction to let's say meth, cocaine, heroine or other opiates, pcp, ecstasy, mushrooms, etc in the sense of how destruction the addiction can be, so it is a victim-less crime unless you have a medical marijuana card, then it's a victim-less medicine. With marijuana, there are only victims of the drug war, where the DEA and local law enforcement prey on the marijuana consumers as well as various drug cartel, who are generally just provoked to do more smuggling.

What is weed drug?


Is a marijuana is a medicine?

marijuana is a drug

What is the category of marijuana?

it belongs in the delicious category. or the amazing<3 category. (: likeee??

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