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smoking increases the risk of cancer, you will get addicted . you will get different problems . smoking is bad for your health .

HEALTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What does smoking increase the risk of?
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Does smoking increase rectal cancer risk?

There is a slight increase of risk for rectal cancer in the individual who smokes

Does smoking increase the risk of developing osteoporosis?


Does alcohol consumption and smoking increase your risk of oral cancer?

Yes, alcohol consumption and smoking both greatly increase your risk of oral cancer and combining the two increases the risk even more.

How does smoking affect your physical health?

It can increase your risk for heart attack,

What factors increase your risk of getting cardiovascular disease?

smoking is the most important

Why does smoking increase risk for heart disease?

you should know this if you smoke derrr

Does smoking increase your risk for a stroke if you are on birth control and if so how much?

Smoking increases your risk for a stroke no matter what medication you're on or even if you're not on any at all.

How is smoking a risk factor for ischemia?

Smoking increases both the chance of developing coronary artery disease and the chance of dying from it. Secondhand smoke also may increase risk.

What are heart diseases caused by smoking?

Smoking increase the risk of developing heart diseases, which includes coronary heart disease and stroke.

Can the baby die from smoking?

Yes smoking puts the mother and unborn child at risk. Cigars contain dangerous chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Therefore smoking increase the risk of pregnancy complications.

Impacts of smoking?

it can increase the risk of miscarriage and stilbrith of unborn babies

How does smoking effect are body?

all the tar sticks to your lungs and then it can increase your risk of lung cancer

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