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that she is a friend if you are a girl but if you are a boy it probably means that she loves you

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Q: What does it mean when your hugging a girl and she goes to hold your hand?
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Should you hold a boy's hand to let him know you like him?

Well, hand holding is a sign of affection, but kissing, hugging and telling them you like them also are valid too.

How girl will express her love?

she will hold your hand

What does it mean when your girl friend puts her hand on top of yours?

to hold her hand.

What will the boy feel when a girl hold there hand?


What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus on valentine's day?

I want to hold you hand hand hand hand hand hand hand hand.

How can you tell if a girl wants you to hold her hand?

If a girl holds your hand it means she really likes you so if you like her too then enjoy the fact she is holding hands with you. If you don't care for the girl in that way just be polite and let her hold your hand.

How do i hold an interesting conversation?

You hold it by taking off all your clothes and hugging the person

What Does It Mean If A Boy Goes To A Girl To Congradulate Her On Something And He Shakes Her Hand. And While He Is Shaking Her Hand He Hold It For While?

It doesn't need to mean anything. I suppose you want to know if he likes you. He could or he could not but you won't find out by the way he shakes your hand

Who is the girl in the Sean Paul Hold My Hand video?

shay mitchell

How do you test a grenade?

you pull the pin and hold it until it goes boom in your hand

How do you hold your guinea pig?

You put one hand on it's bottom and the other hand goes around it's tummy.

Why did he hold you kisses you tells you he loves you then goes out with another girl?

He wanted to kiss you.