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She likes you. Or is being friendly. Or wants to have it.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl slaps a boy's butt?
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What does it mean when your crush slaps your butt?

When your crush slaps your butt, it usually means that he likes your butt.

What does it mean when a girl slaps your butt 2 times and your a girl?

If you are a girl and you receive 2 smacks off another girl then she is saying that she either loves you secretly or...she is loving another girl and she is smacking ya butt to let you know without saqyin it all depends on what type of person they are lol But what i say is true xIt means there is a threesome in the mix

What does it mean when two boys stare at your butt?

you have a nice butt and they like it.

If a girl slaps you on the bum what does it mean?

if he does not say sorry he meant it and loves you,wants to do it again,and wants to be your man.And wants to kiss you so,dont be scared.

If a guy slaps your butt does that mean he likes you o ris he just being a pervert?

I think it really depends. The guy could be slapping your butt, just to get a rise out of you. Or, maybe he's joking around.

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl his butt buddy?

It probably means the guy likes looking at the girl's butt.

What does it mean if a girl has a nice butt?

nothing really. she just has a nice butt that's it =]

What could schools do to avoid the mean girl social structure such as in the movie Mean Girls?

Mandatory penis slaps for all the bitchy girls.

If a girl giggles when you grab her butt what does it mean?

That she is ticklish.

What does it mean if a girl slaps a guys but in middle school?

Does she slap a lot of people? She could be playing around or she could like him.

When boys and girls are grinding what does it mean?

it means they are dancing together; with the girls butt or crotch rubbing against the guys butt or crotch.

what does it mean when boy hit with there hand on a girl butt?