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Shes weird if she was normal she would touch your penis in the FRONT of your pants

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2012-06-30 04:27:10
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Q: What does it mean if your girlfriend puts her hands down the back of you pants?
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Do women stick their hands down pants?

They do

How do you massage your girlfriend's back?

get some scented oil, rub your hands together and slowly and gently rub your hands up and down her back.

Girls hands down boys pants?

its soo pleasurable

Why do all guys always have their hands down their pants?

They are usually masturbating (or keeping their hands warm.)

Why do guys sleep with their hands down there pants?

Worried I guess about there package?

How do you get a guy to put his hands down your pantsthis question is for older teens?

Take your hands and place them on his and guide his hands inside your pants.

Why do men stick their hands down their pants?

Cause they like to feel there penises

What does it mean if she shove your hand down her pants?

?So ther !claimin... that you did putted yur hands down her pants? !@#$%^& !@$^& !000ohhh it was the 3-11.... i did invented that shirfft

What does it mean by giving your girlfriend the moon?

it means to pull your pants down and show her your bum...

What to do with hands while making out?

What I do with my hands while making out with my girlfriend is usually just hold her. Like I'll wrap my hands around her back and just hold her. OR, you could GENTLY grab her butt. Just slide your hands easily down her lower back until your hands are on her butt. Whatever your partner will allow you to do.

How do you feel up your girlfriend when making out?

i just start to rub my hands down her

Why do guys always put their hands down the back of your pants when you make out?

Well from experience that's what every guy does. It just the thing to do. They do that because they say it makes the moment better and plus that's were their hands could be if the girl allows it.

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