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Well, I am 16 girl female. It depends are you trying to impress a guy your age or alot older. I know i sound bad when i say this but i am attracted to guys older then me not like 15 years older but when i was 14 i looked 18 trying to get men that were like 19-21 and lied about my age. In my opinion just be yourself don't be someone the guy wants you to be. You need to find a guy that likes you, but if you want to impress him like put a little bit of makeup on and cute clothes and be you. Also being confident in yourself survey shows guys find girls 99.9 more attractive when they have confidence in themselves.

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Q: What does a 14 year old girl need to do to impress a guy?
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What should a girl do to impress a guy?

You shouldn't try to impress anyone. A guy should accept you as you are.

Why does a guy want to impress a girl?

to make the girl fall for him and thing that he is amazing

How does a Virgo girl impress a Virgo guy?

By being herself.

How can a 15 year old girl impress a 17 year old boy?

By being you. it will never last if your being fake for a guy, the truth will come out eventually

How do you impress an Indian guy?

gift him a good bag....guy or girl indians love bags...!!

What is a good song for a girl who has a crush on a guy and the guy tries to impress her because he has a crush on her to?

You belong with me

How do you prove you are manly to impress a girl?

one thing random guy, girl HATE showoffs.

What can a black guy do to impress a white girl?

Don't try to impress anyone based on race. You want to interact with another human being, guy to girl. And the best thing you can do to impress anyone is to be yourself, because you want them to care for the person that you are and not some phoney version of you.

How does a girl impress a guy who doesn't like that particular girl?

Just be yourself. If he doesn't like you, move on.

How does a hispanic girl impress a white guy?

the same way any other girl does: personality and looks

How do you know if a sixteen year old guy is trying to impress you?

Are you impressed ? then he's trying to impress you. If not, then does it really matter ?

How does a guy act when he likes a girl?

he starts to act happier and more athletic to impress her