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i would get him a sharks tooth necklace, because that's manly.

if you don't wanna do that then get him something funny from one of your inside jokes, and if you don't have any make one before your 6 month. Go with funny because your only dating and don't spend alot until your 1 year.

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2011-09-13 10:37:47
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Q: What do you get your boyfriend for your 6 month anniversary?
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What should you get your boyfriend for your 3 month anniversary?


What to say to your boyfriend on one month anniversary?

Wow, can you believe that we have been together for a whole month?

What do I get my 16 year old boyfriend for our 2 month anniversary?

give him yourself

What do you do with your boyfriend for your 3 month anniversary?

You can do just abut anything for your three month anniversary. you might want to cook your boyfriend his favorite dinner. You can buy him video games, a favorite cologne, go to the movies, or go on a romantic picnic.

What do you do for your 6 month anniversary?

You wait for your 1 year anniversary and buy her something special :D

What should you buy your boyfriend for your anniversary?

Boyfriend? You don't have an anniversary with a boyfriend. An anniversary is what you have when you get married. (Chances are he won't remember!)

What do you do to celebrate a 6 month dating anniversary?

Have pizza and go to a movie.

Is it smart to say two-month anniversary or second month anniversary?

Two-month anniversary is the most common and professional

Should you get your boyfriend a 5 month anniversary gift?

No way they don't care about anniversaries they only pretend to because they know girls like them , in short keep the anniversary to a yearly thing

What should you get your boyfriend for a 4 month anniversary?

Cook him a homemade meal or make him his favorite cake or pie with your own little hands. No semi-expensive presents til 1 YEAR Anniversary[ one year is what anniversary means ] .

What should you get your boyfriend for your one month anniversary?

You shouldn't get him anything. The one-month anniversary isn't something you get gifts for. If you've been going out for half of a year, you might want to get each other a little something, but other than that, don't worry.

Do i have to get my boyfriend something for our 1 month anniversary?

Giving is a way of showing love and appreciation. Yes give and appreciate him.

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