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White guys like Black girls because they are very attractive, and have very nice personalities, and they're very caring.

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Q: What do white guys like about a black girl?
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Can white guys like black girls?

Yes, Its Normal for a white guy to like a black girl.

Do black girls like all white guys?

The fact that they are black does not matter. I am a white women and have found black men very appealing, but it isn't because they are black, that has nothing to do with it. (even though most black men are very nice looking:) )

Do latinas like black guys or white guys?

It depends on the girl. Every woman has their own preference.

What do you call a black girl who likes black guys?

There is no specific term for black girls that like black guys, just like there isn't a term for white girls that date white guys. There is no specific name for someone who dates inside their own race.

Do Black guys like White womens feet?

Yes, Black guys like White womens feet.

Do dark skinned girls like white guys?

Yeah. I am one of those black girls that really love white guys and I have lots of friends that like white guys. Im actually worried that white guys dont like black girls.

Why are some white guys scared to talk to black or mixed girls when they know they like them and always go with the white girls?

I am a white guy and it is really hard to approach a black/mixed race girl .We get this feeling that we will be turned down. Also the stereotypes of black/mixed race guys into the thuggish guys.

How do you get a white girl to like you?

flirt with her but not in a rude or sexual way that black guys usually do. No racist just saying they are more out there. White girls are not.

What do afghan guys like in a girl?

A hairy black spider

Do white guys like big black girls?