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Most major wireless companies offer a prepaid plan. A few of the more popular ones include: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, as well as Boost Wireless, Nextel, Metro PCS and Virgin Mobile, who all have prepaid plans.

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Q: What companies provide prepaid wireless service?
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What are the names of some of the mobile wireless companies that provide service to the Ottawa area?

There are some of the Mobile Wireless Companies across Canada that provide this service, but providing Mobile Service to Ottawa there is only Mobilicity.

Where can I get prepaid wireless internet service? and sells wireless internet service cards.

Which companies offer prepaid cellular phone service?

at&t is in the top ranking. t mobile and verizon also provide prepaid cellular services.

Does T-mobile have wireless service?

T-mobile does have wireless service. They are a mobility device company and you can get both prepaid service or contract service from that company to obtain wireless service. You can also get wireless internet.

Prepaid Internet Wireless?

form_title= Prepaid Internet Wireless form_header= Why pay for the internet you aren't using? Prepay for your internet. How much is your budget for the prepaid service?*= _ [50] When did you want the prepaid service to start?*= _ [50] Would you consider prepaying for an extended period of service?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure

What companies offer cell phone service without a contracted plan?

Straight Talk, Trac Phone Wireless, Boost Mobile, Verizon has a prepaid service, Virgin Mobile.

How does Sprint prepaid wireless function?

Sprint prepaid wireless functions relatively smoothly. First, one selects a cell phone that is eligible for Sprint's prepaid wireless plan, then one pays ahead of time for the wireless service they desire. There is no contract.

How can one get service on their Mercedes?

One can get service on their Mercedes if one bought the car with insurance or prepaid service. Many companies will provide different services to all automobiles.

Is TracFone a good prepaid provider?

TracPhone is the number one wireless prepaid service provider in the US. You are assured to have a good service from them. They have no contract plans.

Where can one find information regarding ATT prepaid wireless phone service?

One can visit the ATT website and look under the phone tab to find the prepaid section. From there, one will be able to find information and prices on prepaid wireless phone service.

What carriers provide prepaid cellular phone service?

Nearly all the major cell providers offer prepaid service plans. These include Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin. Compare rates online to get the best deal. Perhaps the most well known prepaid carrier is Tracfone. But most other major carriers also have a prepaid service plan, even if they do not advertise it.

Does Verizon Wireless offer prepaid wireless services?

Verizon Wireless offers prepaid wireless services, but if you use your phone alot than it is best to go into a service plan. On the flip side if you use your phone less you might not want to use their prepaid because it expires at the end of each month.