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Q: What can you hold without ever touching or holding with your hands?
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4 What can you hold without ever touching or using your hands?

Air or water

Is it normal for 5 year old boys to touch each others penis and butt?

ummm, no. im 14 years old and i cant remember a time ever doing that. maybe holding hands, but not touching the genitalia.

Thirteen children dance in a ring holding hands how many rings of thirteen children may they form without a child ever taking another child by the hand twice?


What can you hold without ever using your hands or arms?

Your breath. Take a dump.

Why cant you love someone without ever touching him?

cause u really need to love them in the bed that y

Have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ever kissed in real life?

Yes they have kissed in public and has been seen holding hands!

When are the hands part of the ball if ever?

Hands are considered part of the ball when in contact with the ball. If a defender strikes the hands of a player which are holding the ball, it is considered to be the same as the defender striking the ball. (I am a basketball referee certified by IAABO)

What can you hold with out ever touching it?

Your breath

Has Adam Levine ever posed completely naked without his girlfriend's hands?

very much so

How do you make a girl moody without touching her?

I can't imagine that you'd ever want to make a girl moody, but there are lots of ways to do it without touching her – you can say something wrong, not notice her new haircut, answer truthfully when she asks you "do these pants make me look fat?" - it doesn't have to be intentional, for that matter.

When you hold hands with a person when your dating them do you lovk fingers or jus hold hands?

It all depends on what feels the most right. For example, none of my past relationships ever locked fingers while holding hands, except for one, and my husband and I have never held hands, even while we were still dating. It depends on both of the people involved.

If a football player manages to catch the football with his legs is it a legal completed pass?

No the hands of the eligable reciever have to have a part in completeing a cetch in the nfl u can use any part of your body for control but the hands have to be used to make a reception The above answer is essentially correct, however the pass is not ruled incomplete until the ball touches the ground. So a player can catch the ball between his legs as long as he then retrieves it with his hands and demonstrates control without the ball ever touching the ground.

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