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they can drink there urine

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Q: What can people drink if they have aquagenic urticaria?
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Are people alergic to water?

Although this is an extremely rare, there are indeed people who have a skin sensitivity to water. The symptoms are a painful skin reaction when coming into contact with water. This condition is known as aquagenic urticaria.

What is Aquagenous Urticaria?

Aquagenous Urticaria, also known as Aquagenic Urticaria or Water Urticaria, is a very rare allergy to water. Those afflicted with it develop hives within 15 minutes after contact with water, and the effects can last for up to two hours. There are fewer than 30 known cases in the world.

Are people allergic to water?

Yes, people are allergic to water. There is a disease called aquagenic urticaria and it makes it so that whenever you come in contact with water your skin breaks out in soar, blistery red rashes. Although, this case is very rare and only effects 1 in 230 million people.

What are the symptoms of H2O allergy?

The most common form (which is still incredibly rare) would be Aquagenic urticaria which is inflammation of the skin upon contact with water. The hives can last anywhere from five minutes to several hours.

What type of allergic reaction can water cause?

Water contact can cause aquagenic urticaria, presumably due to chlorine or some other trace chemical in the water, although distilled water has been known to cause this reaction.

Is urticaria contagious?

No, urticaria is not contagious.

What does idiopathic urticaria mean?

idopathic urticaria means cause of urticaria is unknown dr. vijay

How do you get urticaria?

I have dermatigraphic urticaria and a minor hydro urticaria and when my symptoms showed up at the age of 3 my dermatologist said i was born with it, so it is probably hereditary even if ur parents dont have it. many people have dermatigraphic urticaria, but it is just called "sensitive skin" in most cases. in stronger cases its called "skin writing"

Is it possible to be allergic to water?

It is possible, although it is very rare to be allergic to water. It isn't even exactly an allergy, but has been described as one. It is a condition called 'Aquagenic urticaria' and it causes a painful reaction- sometimes a rash- when you come in contact with water. See 'related links' for an example of a case of this condition.

What is the difference between urticaria and pruritis?

Urticaria are things you can point at. They're hives. Pruritis is itchiness. Urticaria are pruritic. You can't point at pruritis.

Is there a cure for chronic urticaria?

Chronic urticaria (hives) is an autoimmune disease, although different people suffering with chronic urticaria may experience different urticarial types, symptoms even triggers for their urticaria outbreaks, the reasons for the condition remain the same. Diet changes such as removing just 1 food ingredient can reduce urticaria attacks greatly. There is a site which sells a PDF on self treating urticaria, but they just updated the site to include lots of info & a blog. Might be worth a look as there is no cost. See Related links

What is the subterm for the main term urticaria?

The subterm for the main term of urticaria is........ acute

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