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Walmart retails a large range of phones. All the large brands of Android phones, Windows phones and iPhones are sold, both on and off contract, as well as unlocked phones.

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2013-06-29 22:06:40
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Q: What brands of cell phones can one buy at Walmart?
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Where can you buy page plus prepaid cell phones for cheap?


Can you buy a Verizon prepaid cell phones at walmart?

While you can purchase refill minutes for Verizon prepaid phones, it does not appear that you can buy the actual phone from Walmart. The store does, however, carry Samsung prepaid phones.

What kind of brands are Best Buy cell phones?

Best Buy stores offer cell phones from the following brands: Apple, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Best Buy also offers some phones with mobile plans from carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

What are the Verizon cell phones?

Verizon cell phones are carried by the the cell carrier Verizon. You can also purchase them at stores like Target or Best Buy. They have brands such as Samsung, LG and the iPhone.

Where can I find phones for sale that are used?

There are many retailers that offer cell phones. Best Buy and Walmart are two of the local stores that offer cell phones at a good price. Used phones can be found at Gamestop or Recellular.

Where can one buy Nokia unlocked cell phones?

Buy the latest unlocked cell phone, KICKmobiles is the best and latest cell phones store in London, we are providing different types of phones and Manufacture all types of branded phones like- unlocked cell phones, including unlocked iPhones, Galaxy Phones, Blu Cell Phones & many other trusted brands. unlocked cell phones, unlocked iPhones, and Android phones at Kickmobiles store. Fast shipping and friendly service.

Where can one find unlocked cell phones for sale?

There are many places where unlocked cell phones are sold. Some places that sell these phones are Best Buy, Target, Walmart, NewEgg's website, and Overstock.

What stores can I buy prepaid cell phones at?

There are numerous stores you can buy prepaid cell phones at. You can try Walmart, Target, Dollar stores, Family dollar stores, grocery stores. Really, you can get them almost anywhere.

Where are there verizon phones for sale?

You can buy phones of all brands and makes at many stores including big box retailers such as Walmart. You can also find a variety of phones at Best Buy and other electronics stores, both in their physical locations as well as online.

where is the best place buy cell phones covers?

if you have a walmart or dollar general you can purchase themn there they have good quality material made cell phone skins. radioshack also has lots of accerssories for cell phones.

Which online retailers sell GSM cell phones?

Most online retailers of cell phones sell GSM phones. I would suggest Walmart, Target or Best Buy's websites to look for a GSM cell phone. They should be able to help with a purchase.

Need to buy inexpensive cell phones on the internet.?

You can buy inexpensive cell phones on the Internet. In order to get the cell phones, you can go to, or

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