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Meth, speed, crank, crystal, ice, glass, uppers, tweak and black beauties are the most popular. Speed and Crank. A more highly sophisticated product is methamphetamine hydrochloride. It is clear, chunky form of crystals resembling ice and is sometimes referred to as "crystal" or glass" by users. The drug releases high levels of stimulant dopamine that works on brain cells to activate body movement and elevate moods. When used regularly it has a neurotoxic effect and can damage dopamine and serotonin cells of the brain. Long term effects can lead to a condition similar to Parkinson's disease with very severe movement disorders. Even small amounts of the drug will cause wakefulness, decreased appetite, hypothermia and a euphoric state. The use is often irritable, anxious and paranoid. Tremors and convulsions can be brought on with small dosages. Severe hypothermia can result in loss of consciousness and death. It may be taken orally, smoked or taken intravenously. The user experiences intense sensations called "rush or flash." This reaction is limited. Oral or intravenous users has euphoria, but no "rush." Long term use these drugs can cause irreversible damage to blood vessels in the brain and generate strokes (in ALL AGES.) Other effects include respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat and cardiovascular complications. Meth can strongly contribute to any form of eating disorder and particularly, anorexia nervosa (this DOES NOT MEAN that any person with a condition of anorexia nervosa has been a drug user.)

There is a high rise in the E/R visits due to meth abuse. Severe depression, or "crashes" are frequent. Often manufactured by dealers, concoctions include ingredients such as drain cleaners, battery acid and antifreeze. The expression: "speed kills" is a very valid one!

Can people who are addicted to any one of these drugs recover? You bet! For some drug users they come to a point in their lives where they find they have lost their wife, children, family, friends, job, and have basically hit the bottom of the barrel and will seek treatment for their addiction, but these are low percentages. Most drug users need INTERVENTION from family and friends and it takes an ex drug user to help the person cope with coming off the drug. The ex drug user (often counselors) know all the tricks of the trade that the victim of drug abuse may use to get that "next fix." The percentage of kicking these drugs and staying off is very high (approx. 80%.)

and you cant forget bout weed there is at lest 50,000 tons floating around the US

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Q: What are the most popular street drugs in the US?
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