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paste to paste

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Q: What are the keys for copy and paste on the laptop?
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What shortcut keys will copy and what shortcut keys will paste?

Be sure to highly the text you want to copy and paste. Once you're there, be sure that you press the following keys at the same time: Copy = Ctrl + C Paste = Ctrl + V You can paste the same text an unlimited amount of time because your computer's memory will store it for you until you replace it with something new.

What keys do you use to make the underscore if the key is missing?

copy and paste _

What menu is selected to cut copy and paste?

You can go to File, then select either cut, copy or paste. Alternatively, the shortcut keys are: Ctrl + X to cut Ctrl + C to copy Ctrl + V to paste

What are the keys to do hacks on Platform Racing 1?

What keys??? go here: Copy and paste:)

How do you get the copy and paste back on the Toshiba laptop computer?

I don't understand how you've lost copy and paste, but if it's a windows computer then you should be able to use ctrl + c for copy and ctrl + v for paste. Hope this helps :)

How do you copy and paste on WeeWorld?

Highlight the words you wanna copy then, right click it and click 'copy' go to wherever you want to post it and Press these keys on your keyboard : Ctrl and V. This will paste the word that you highlighted :)

How do you copy and paste on laptop?

The same as you do on a desktop, running the same operating system and application.

How do you copy and paste on a laptop?

The same as you do on a desktop, running the same operating system and application.

How do you put books from your laptop to your nook?

Yu have to copy or download to your computer then download to nook. You can also copy and paste to your nook.

How do you copy and paste on a apple laptop?

Hiya, I've got an iMac desktop, and I'm not sure if its the same. But in order to copy you paste, you'll need to click the CMD button, and then c or v. C means copy, V means paste, CMD + C - Copy CMD + V - Paste Hope this helped.

What is shortcut keys for copy and paste in narration in tally?

plz word data paste to tally naration send me through my mail id

What is the short cut keys of copy?

To copy the text or picture, highlight it and press ctrl+c. Once you want to paste it, press ctrl+v.