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Well, calculators are computers. For this answer, I will assume that you are referring to personal computers. Calculators are designed to do far more basic calculations when compared with personal computers. Even the most advanced calculators are not nearly as complex as personal computers. Computers have much more expansion ability than calculators do. You can attach all sorts of external devices, memory, expansion cards, etc. to a computer. Not so with calculators. Computers do all sorts of things like internet browsing, word processing, and other relatively complex tasks. Calculators don't do any of that. Calculators are great for performing mathematical operations, but their usefulness beyond that is extremely limited. Computers also perform mathematical calculations quite well, but they are not specialized devices like calculators.

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Q: What are the differences between calculators and computers?
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I don't know about "more differences," but here are somedifferences to start with:* Computers are typically general-purpose processing machines, while calculators specialize in solving numeric problems. You can not normally do work processing with a calculator. * Computers are programmable, typically executing a number of programs. Calculators typically execute one program (the calculator), and are not freely programmable. While programmable calculators exist, their programming is vastly different from general-purpose computer programming, and dedicated to solve numerical problems alone. * Calculators implement a limited, and typically fixed, set of instructions to solve a limited, and typically fixed, set of problems. Calculators typically embedd most of the processing software in hardware, thus making them much faster at solving typical numerical tasks.

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