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SRAM(Static Random Assessable Memory)-where the word static indicates that it, does not need to be periodically refreshed, as SRAM uses bistable latching circuitry (i.e., flip-flops) to store each bit. Each bit is stored as a voltage.Each memory cell requires six transistors,thus giving chip low density but high speed.However, SRAM is still volatilein the (conventional) sense that data is lost when powered down.

Disadvantages are more expensive and also consumes more power than DRAM.

In high speed processors (such as Pentium), SRAM is known as cache memory and is included on the processor chip.However high-speed cache memory is also included external to the processor to improve total performance.

DRAM(Dynamic Random Assessable Memory)- Its advantage over SRAM is its structural simplicity: only one transistor (MOSFET gates) and a capacitor (to store a bit as a charge) are required per bit, compared to six transistors in SRAM. This allows DRAM to reach very high density.Also it consumes less power and is even cheaper than SRAM (except when the system size is less than 8 K) .

But the disadvantage is that since it stores bit information as charge which leaks;therfore information needs to be read and written again every few milliseconds.This is known as refreshing the memory and it requires extra circuitry,adding to the cost of system.

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Q: What are the differences between SRAM and DRAM?
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Which is faster SRAM or DRAM?

Which is faster, SRAM or DRAM

How many types of ram are there and there differences?

There are 2 types of RAM's: 1.Static ram(sram) 2.Dynamic ram(dram) There are some difference between them: 1.sram are faster than dram 2.sram are mostly made of bjt's were dram's are made of mosfet's

Which is faster SRAM or DRAM why?

SRAM is faster than DRAM

What is the difference between DRAM and SRAM in terms of pin diagram?

dram is material gives sound and sram is the sound itself

What are SRAM and DRAM?

Memory cache

Why is DRAM slower than SRAM?

DRAM (Dynamic RAM) requires that the data held be refreshed periodically, while SRAM (Static RAM) does not. This refresh rate makes DRAM a little slower than SRAM.

What is the difference between DRAM and SRAM?

SRAM is static random access memory and DRAM is dynamic random access memory. DRAM requires the data to be refreshed periodically in order to keep the data. SRAM does not need to be refreshed as the transistors inside would continue to hold the data as long as the power supply.

What are different types of rams?

sram and dram

Why is DRAM faster than SRAM?

It isnt.

Which is faster SRAM or DRAM and why?

SRAM is faster.Static RAM(SRAM) is faster. Dynamic RAM(DRAM) needs to be refreshed thousands of times per second while Static RAM does not need to be refreshed.

Why is SRAM more expensive than DRAM?

SRAM is faster and consumes less power than DRAM; however, because of this it is slightly more expensive.

What adventage does dram have over sram?

DRAM has a lower price. Further details below:

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