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In Sparta the girls play sports like Running, and how to throw the Javelin. This kept them fit for them so that when they grow up they would be healthy moms. In Athens the girls stayed home and did household stuff. The learned to read and write and played stringed instrument called the Lyre.

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Q: What are the difference between the Athens girls and Sparta girls?
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What were some of the difference how the women were treated in Sparta vs Athens?

well the difference between Sparta and Athens women was Sparta :Spartan women had more rights than other Greek women. Some women owned land in Sparta and ran their households when their husband were gone. Sparta women's didn't spend time spinning cloth or weaving.Athens : as boys got education girls had no education. A few girls were taught how to read and write at home by some private tutors. Comparing Sparta to Athens, Athens girls really didn't have a lot of freedom or democracy and no rights only a few rights but not many.

What is the difference between Sparta and Athens.?

The difference between Sparta and Athens is that in Sparta, the ruling government was a military government, while in Athens, the ruling government was a democracy. In Sparta, the people focus on military matters. That is because of the fear of an uprising by their helots. In Athens, a democracy ruled. People voted on many matters such as which one they thought was the most dangerous to their testate and even military and naval expeditions against rival statutes. The different arts such as sculpture and poetry also flourished more in Athens. Athenians believed that one should also focus themselves on matters other than military ones. Athens focused on trades, technologies, civilizations, studies,... while Sparta focused on the military. That's why Spartan warriors were the most fierce warriors in Ancient Greece. Athens also treated their children differently. For example: Boys were taught reading, writing, mathematics, music, poetry, and sports. While in Sparta, they took them away from their parents at 7 yrs. old, to train for war. Further, in Sparta, both - boys and girls went to school, but in Athens, boys went to school but the girls did not, but attended basically, house work.

What were some differences between Athens and Sparta?

Sparta was ruled by two kings while Athens was ruled by archons.Sparta trained girls in athletics while girls learned crafts and poetry from their mothers in the Athens.People in Sparta traded but in the Athens, they had their own money systems.Forms of Government Oligarchy Democracy

Did Athens or Sparta give more education to girls?

Athens gave more education to girls.

In which city state Athens or Sparta did the young girls have more freedom?


In Athens or Sparta did girls stay at home to help their mothers?


Did Sparta or Athens girls stayed at Home to help their mothers?


Did girls stay home to help their mothers in Sparta or Athens?


Did Athens have a better education?

No , Sparta did... Sparta women were able to learn what they want to learn they had alot of rights, on the other hand Athens (Girls) Only learned Household duites

What was the purpose of education in Athens and Sparta?

in sparta when girls and boys were young at 7 they went to train for the army but only the boys lift for wore

What were the differences between Athens and Sparta?

Athens woman had to stay home and tent to the housework and chores. Spartan girls and woman were trained to be tough so they would have tough babies. The spartan women went to school and Sparta believed in sports instead of academics. Athenian women had to stay home however Athens was very enhanced in learning and educating their men.

What are the differentces of Sparta and the Athens?

Athens's government ruled as a democracy they were the 1st to ever do this only wealthy male land owners voted (Aristrocrary) Sparta's government ruled as an oligarchy (more then one king) by 2 kings. Athens is built below the acropolis which stands on a hill above all of Athens. Port city to allow trade. Sparta is surrounded by mountains, which makes it difficult for it to be invaded. Athens was a very creative city-state. Gave birth to the philosopher's, democracy, art... they believed in a quality education for boys only. You could go into the army or navy if you wanted to. (if you were a boy) Sparta's boys did not have to work or have an education but train to be warriors from a young age. Athens traded and Sparta didn't. Athens girls weren't regarded as important by the Athenian. Girls could be taught at home (if they had rich parents) girls were not allowed to take part in anything to do with war, business or education. Sparta's girls were to grow up to be the moms of warriors, they took part in all the training because fit ladies produced fit babies, who would fight.

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