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Well the negative effects are, only if you have been smoking tons of it, having problems with remembering stuff from either your past or present. But other than your memory your all good. Give it about 3 years and it will become legal and our economy will recovery from this huge debt. The only reason why marijuana is bad is because its illegal, when it is legalized most people wont have a problem with it. If your going to keep cigarettes legal, which is way worse for you and also keep alcohol legal, than you have to legalize it cause no one has ever died from smoking marijuana and the deaths of cigarettes and alcohol are at an all time high, so you decide if you think its bad. But dont assume its bad unless you got your facts, everys got there own opinion. I have been smoking everyday for about 2 years and also do elite long distance running and i have had no effects at all while doing this. Smoking just makes life easier and relaxing.

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Q: What are the bad effects of smoking marijuana?
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Can smoking marijuana be bad for your teeth?

Just like smoking a cigarette, smoking marijuana can be bad for your teeth.

Can you become sick after smoking too much marijuana?

Yes, some people do get sick from the effects of smoking and/or the marijuana.

How bad is marijuana on the lungs?

bad but not as bad as smoking ciggarettes

What are the physical side effects of smoking marijuana and having a blot clot?

you will have yellow teeth, bad skin and you will eventually die.

What are effects of smoking marijuana and having asthma?

nothing, in fact marijuana is good for asthma

What are the effects of smoking marijuana on students in Fiji?

Smoking marijuana causes students in Fiji to have an increased appetite. Habitual marijuana use adversely affects their short term memory.

What effects you when smoking?

All bad effects you can imagine. What good effects you get when smoking? NONE.

Is smoking cigarets bad for you?

Smoking and/or chewing tobacco is very bad for you and can easily kill you. Smoking marijuana is also not very healthy and is usually illegal.

Is it harmful to eat marijuana brownies?

Of course it is! It has the same effects as if you were smoking marijuana; you are harming your body (mostly mentally).

Is smoking really bad?

Smoking cigarettes is bad for you, yes. But, the category is marijuana, and I would have to say no. You will get the "marijuana body" though (skinny legs, large love handles, for men - saggy/flabby pecks). Well, smoking marijuana can give you cancer, emphysema, or other smoking-related diseases. Ingesting marijuana, however, cannot give you cancer.

What are the effects of smoking marijuana after a deep cleaning of teeth?

The effects are the same as before you got your teeth cleaned

What are the negative health effects of smoking marijuana?

the negative effects are it give you a dry mouth and its not a premanet high