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crack smack coke weed pot love-drug

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Q: What are some of the different words to call marijuana?
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What is an illegal drug called green?

Weed, cannabis, ganja, marijuana. They are all words referring to what some people call 'green'.

What are some other words for marijuana?

Some other words for marijuana may be the following: Mary Jane, Dube, Greens, Grass, Trees, Heffer. There are many more however these are some of the most commonly used words.

What are some words with a silent j?

There are no silent J's in English, but some adopted foreign words have them. JU is pronounced as W in Spanish (Juan, marijuana) and Y in words such as "hallelujah."

Is marijuana considered a narcotic?

No, a narcotic is a hand made drug, marijuana comes from a plant and can also be used for medical reasons but some people still call it a narcotic.

How can marijuana affect the baby if the mother or father smokes marijuana while being pregnant?

Its different for everybody, some babes may have learning difficulties and some may be above average

What is another name for a food cupboard?

Different cultures use different words. Another name for a food cupboard would be a pantry. Some call this a food safe.

What are laws for marijuana?

Depends on where you are. Different laws in different places. In some places it is legal, In other places the court will order you to be beheaded.

Is weed the same thing as marijuana?

In some cases yes, people can say it either way and mean the same thing . But some people might think there totally different things and those people are the people I would like to call WRONG!!

How many words can you get from the words 'do something different'?

ans- 4 : do some thing different

Does marijuana contain endorphins?

endorphins are a chemical produced in the brain, marijuana affects different people differently so in some people it might trigger the brain to release endorphins

Why does the British population call tennis shoes trainers?

The British population calls tennis shoes trainers because they have different words for some of our words. They are probably called this because people train for different sports when wearing these types of shoes.

Why do people consume marijuana?

Everyone has a different reason. Some for medical reasons, some to avoid health problems, some to feel different, some to make then able to sleep, some to ease their depression, the list is never ending.

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