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Kodak is no longer producing digital cameras, but the cameras that they have already produced boast Kodak's Smart Capture Technology. Other features include 14 megapixels, Optical Zoom & Optical Image Stabilization and a wide lens.

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2013-03-01 00:00:31
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Q: What are some features of a Kodak digital camera?
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I need accessories for my Kodak camera.?

Some accessories on a Kodak camera is digital framing, better pixels quality and ability to send to Facebook and email. You should purchase Kodak Easy Share Max.

What are some features of the Canon EOS 350D digital camera?

There are some outstanding features of the Canon EOS 350D digital camera. Among these features are that the camera is very lightweight, easy to use, produces quality images, and has a very affordable price.

Which digital camera is kid friendly (8 year old) and durable?

There are some Kodak cameras that are meant for children and are durable.

What is the best Kodak camera for a beginning photographer?

Kodak Digital Cameras Kodak digital cameras are famed for their ease of use. They also offer a wide range of models and many are priced at under $100. This makes Kodak digital cameras some of the most affordable on the market. The range can be split into five sections. By far the largest group are the straightforward point and shoot cameras. With this type of camera all you need to do is turn the camera on and start taking photos. These cameras are ideal for anyone who is looking for a camera to cover holiday snapshots, photos for the family album and photos of general social events and gatherings.

What are some makes for a good slim digital camera?

There are many different companies that make digital cameras that are of varying design. Some of those companies include Sony, Cannon, Kodak and many more.

What types of cameras does Keh Camera sell?

The following are some types of cameras that Keh Camera sells; Calumet camera, Cambo, Ebony, Casio Camera, Horseman, Canon Digital, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic and Sony Cameras.

What are some cool features of the kodak v570?

The Kodak v570 camera has many features. These include 5.0 megapixels (important for detailed photos), 2.5 inch LCD display, wide angle to 5x optical zoom, movie capture at 30 frames per second, on-camera photo enhancing features, and it comes with rechargable batteries.

What is the best digital video camera available?

Depending on what type of footage you are looking to shoot, most information is pointing to a Kodak or Canon digital video camera. Panasonic and Sony also offer some very good choices as well.

Which brand of digital camera comes with the best accessories for the cheapest price?

Kodak has some pretty unique camera accessories that are a good value for the money. They aren't always the cheapest but they are very durable.

What are some of the features of Kodak Easyshare Digital Cameras?

Some of the best features of Kodak Easyshare Digital Cameras are the high megapixel rating across the range with many 12 and 14mp cameras available. The other primary feature of these cameras is the Easyshare function itself which allows 3-step sharing of your pictures with friends, family or the world.

What are some quick tips for using a kodak camera with a dock?

Some quick tips for using a Kodak camera with a dock would be to put it in a location where no water can get on it. Also, do not forget to charge the camera.

Is it best to get a tripod with a digital camera?

Yes because some features like the portrait shots work best with a completly still camera.

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