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One of the biggest advantage to a T-Mobile prepaid phone is no annual contract. A person that chooses this option will not have to worry about being stuck for a year or two. He or she can upgrade or change what they have at any time.

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Q: What are some advantages to the T Mobile prepaid phones?
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What are some companies that offer prepaid mobile phones?

There are many companies that offer prepaid mobile phones. One of the most popular companies is Boost Mobile. Virgin also offers a prepaid mobile phone.

Where to get a prepaid cell phones?

You can go to for comprehensive reviews for mobile phones. Amazon also have some reviews and they offer great offers for prepaid cell phones.

Is aT-mobile phone a prepaid phone?

you can get t-mobile phones that are pre paid and some that require a contract

What are the best prepaid phones?

There are numerous prepaid phone which don't require contracts on the market. Some popular companies that offer prepaid phones in the United States are T-mobile, Verizon and AT&T.

What phones does Virgin Mobile offer?

Virgin Mobile offers a very large variety of mobile phones when you purchase a prepaid phone from them, including the popular iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's, as well as some of the LG phones.

Is there a prepaid cell phone with international coverage?

Yes there is walmart has some phones that provide prepaid international cell phones a company called "T-Mobile" offers cell phones like such and another company that provides this service is AT&T.

When can you activate Verizon phones as prepaid phones?

I would do some research but instead of tracfone you might want to try go phone or virgin mobile.

Does T Mobile offer different phones for their prepaid plans?

T-mobile does offer prepaid phone plans, all you have to do is go to T mobile store, or branch and ask for details, or buy your phone and buy some prepaid cards, or simply log online and buy it.

Can you buy prepaid international cell phones in the United States?

You can buy prepaid international cell phones at many different locations throughout the United States. Some of these include AT&T, Boost Mobile, and TracFone.

Can I get a smartphone on a prepaid plan?

Yes T-Mobile has some smartphones available which that you can get with one of their prepaid ( no contract) plans. They cost a little more than the phones you can get with a contract though.

where would I find prepaid mobile phones?

Prepaid cell phones are available in a wide variety of places. If you have a Wal-Mart or Best Buy nearby, you can purchase one there. Many other mobile service providers sell them at their stores as well - Verizon, AT&T, and Cricket are some places to check out.

What are the advantages of recycling a mobile phone?

The advantages of recycling mobile phones is that you don't feel like you're littering. Some places give you a coupon or discount for doing it, or even cash.