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The most popular, modern and mobile communication device is the cellular phone. It is more commonly reffered to as the Cell Phone.

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Q: What are some Modern and Mobile communication devices?
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Give some examples for Modern communication devices?

Phones, mobile phones, e-mail, social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, YouTube, etc.

Introduction to modern communication devices?

technology changes so quickly that new communication devices are being invented and improved all the time.computers and mobile phones are smaller and are able to do more things.can you imagine what Marconi would think of mobile phones today?communication makes our modern world as more plays because it allows use to talk easily with people all over the these content you can discover how the internet and e-mail have had a major impact on the way the communicate these content looks at some of the other modern devices that we use to send and receive information and stay in touch with each other

What types of mobile devices are internet capable?

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, e-readers and laptops are just some of the mobile devices that are internet capable. Most portable mobile modern technology has internet capability.

What are three modern communications devices?

Many modern devices can be used for communication hence the reason the industry is IT (Information technology). but as for ones dedicated to communication we have...... Cellular phones, Fax machines, Personal computers. Those are some of the most common devices, I could list many more but that's three of them.

What are some antivirus programs for mobile devices?

There are a number of antivirus programs available for mobile devices. Some mobile antivirus programs include McAfee Mobile Security, Lookout Premium, and ESET Mobile Security.

What are some examples of communication devices?


What are some sending and receiving devices?

sending or receiving devices are communicated devices that are used to receive or send data. for better communication, it is better to use good devices. laptop, computer, mobile phone, router, bridge, modem and telephone lines are some devices.

What are some examples of data communication devices?


What are some traditional communication devices?

a device that traditional

Where can you find out which mobile devices are compatible with Google maps for mobile devices?

Google maps work on a number of moblie devices including Android powered devices, most J2ME phones, Palm devices with Palm webOS and Palm OS5+, color Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile devices 5.0 +, and 3G Symbian devices. Be aware that some features may not work on all devices, and limitations of mobile service providers may affect some applications.

Old communication devices?

Some of the old communcation devices are:PigeonsBoatsSmoke signalsMors code

What is an example of technology communication?

There are many examples of communication technologies. Some of the devices that help us all talk to each other are listed here: 1. Phones 2. Mobile phones 3. TV 4. internet 5. Radio