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Q: What are little rocketman secret codes?
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What are all the secret codes for little rocket man?

what are all the secret codes for little rocketman they are bad cheats=< lol jk=>=p =D =}=]=[ ={=\='l

What is the secret code in little rocketman?


What is the duration of RocketMan?

The duration of RocketMan is 1.58 hours.

When was RocketMan created?

RocketMan was created on 1997-10-10.

Are there secret codes for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?

Secret codes for what?

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They are codes that you type in at secret builders and you get supershills from it.

How do you use the code in little rocketman?

Enter (in full version)-->longflight (level2),fantastic (level3)...level4,5,6

What is the unlock code for full version of little rocketman?

longflight (level2) fantastic (level3) ...level4 ...and need crack

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