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Good jokes for kids are like knock knock jokes or jokes that you find suitable for your kids. If you find that your kid is getting inappropriate jokes then look to their friends on that one. Also look to the father because the could be telling them none suitable jokes.

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Q: What are good jokes for kids?
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What is a good sentence for bawdy?

The kids were sent to bed because of our bawdy jokes.

Where can one find jokes for kids?

There are many sources of jokes for kids. A good source would be a joke book targeted for kids. Jokes might include simple educational plays on words such as knock-knock jokes. You could also look electronically but an old school book is probably a better choice as the sites will collect information about you.

Know any pond jokes?

No. I do not know pond jokes but you can find a lot of them at Jokes and Riddles for Kids at

Where do you find good jokes?

you find good jokes at

Where can one find appropriate kids jokes?

Children's joke books contain many child friendly jokes also asking people you know for jokes for kids could give you more jokes as well. You could try making up your own jokes as well!

What are some scooby doo jokes for kids?

A good Scooby Doo joke for kids is knock knock, who's there, Scooby, Scooby who, No it's Scooby Doo.

Are jokes funny?

Jokes do not have to be funny. But if they are not funny, they are not really jokes! There are bad jokes and there are good jokes. Good jokes are better. Bad jokes can be embarrassing........It would be interesting if someone could tell us what makes something funny, but there not be an answer to that. You just have to know it when you see it, I guess!

Are there any good jokes about pi?

Jokes yes, good jokes no!. you are stupid and need a life. you are asking if there are good jokes about pi? wtf Your momma is so fat, when i said what's pi? she said wheres the pie? haha -_-

Where can you find good jokes?


Where can one find good jokes?

You can find good jokes on one of the most popular website. This website is comedy central. The website has tons of funny jokes to tell and share jokes for sports, etc.

Where can you find good jokes at?

youtube. just tpe in yo mama jokes or just jokes;)- by chidiebere chike udeagha

What are some good violation jokes?

Since jokes are subjective and jokes only if you think they are, I can only provide what amuses me: The joke's on you.

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