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Disadvantages of malls and supermarket

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Q: What are disadvantages of supermarket shopping?
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What are the disadvantages of biodegradable materials?

The supermarket provide shopping bag that is harming the environment

What advantages and disadvantages of using different unit of measurement shopping in the supermarket?

advantages of using different units of measuremenys shopping at supermarket is we can know the price easily without cheating

What are the advantages and disadvantages in supermarket?

The advantage of a supermarket is that you can usually do all your shopping without leaving the supermarket. The disadvantage is that often you come out of a supermarket having bought more items that you had intended to buy!

What are disadvantages of supermarket?

Disadvantages of malls and supermarket

How many shopping carts in a large supermarket?

there are 56 shopping carts in a supermarket

What is the coolest supermarket?

The coolest shopping center / supermarket for Britain would deffently be tesco:)The coolest shopping center / supermarket for Britain would deffently be tesco:)

What is the disadvantages in a supermarket?

Well obviously if your shopping a supermarket they aren't going to have as diverse of a selection of foods as a speciality store. Also they seem to prey on you with "deals" that really aren't that great at all they just seem to be because you don't shop around and you become comfortable with the supermarket.

Who are the people who manager the shopping carts at a supermarket?

The shopping cart managers!

What solution do you find at supermarket?

A solution to your shopping needs.

How can I get a shoping bag?

You can get a shopping bag when you go shopping at a big supermarket, also you must pay a little money for it

What service would you expect when shopping in a supermarket?

chopa laga lo

What was the shopping games called on CBBC's level up?

supermarket dash