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For girls, as soon as their breasts begin to form is the best time to start wearing them. for most girls this we be around the age of 11, 12 or 13. But we are all different

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Q: What age should you start wearing crop tops?
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When to start wearing a bra?

When your breasts start developing you should start wearing crop tops/training bras. Once you have developed large enough to fit into an A cup, you should wear a proper bra.

Is miley trashy?

NO!! wearing shorts and crop tops does not make you trashy

When should you start wearing an actual bra?

One cannot determine when to start wearing a real bra by the girls age, it all depends on weather you need it or not, but usually girls start to wearing training bras/ crop tops underneath their shirts when they are 10-12 years of age, then you start to wear a normal bra when you feel that you need one.

Does Emma Waddington have toned abs so she can show by wearing a crop top?

Yeah in the winter she doesn't have abs, but in the summer when she wears crop tops and bikinis she has a 6-pack.

What size breast should an 11 year old have?

well one of my bffs has a flat chest whilst me and my other bff are a/bs but by the time your 11 you should be wearing crop tops even if you dont have anyhing

When should you start wearing white pants?

Wearing white pants:You should start and only start wearing white pants and white shoes after labor day.Traditional time that you can start wearing white is after Easter!______________________________________________________________read what you wrote: this is a WRONG answer!This answer should be:It is proper etiquett to start wearing white pants, tops, skirts, shorts and white footwear after Easter but not after Labor Day.*if you were to wear it after labor day you would then be in September and no one wears white in september!

Can 9 year olds wear crop tops?

personally I don't think 9y/o kids should wear crop tops. They may get attention from older men in the wrong way. I think they should be worried about toys/electronics in 2020.

Are crop tops cool if your starting puberty?

It depends on your body type and if your starting to curves. Crop tops are more appealing to wear on girls if you're a little curvy.

What age should your girl start wearing a bra cause she is 8 now and you are noticing her nipples stick out a lot in her bikini and in her halter tops she is wearing?

A bra probably wouldn't be appropriate until support is required, although if you can see her nipples then maybe a crop top or a girls training bra may be a good option. Both of these are suitable for an 8 year old. I hope this was of some help to you! good luck with it!

Where can you get kids crop tops?

Dance supply shops and Ebay

What should an 11 year old be wearing?

tee shirts and jeans no belly tops or super short shorts

Do you wear a crop top to a sleepover?

Do they still make crop tops? I can't remember the last time they were in fashion!

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