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Assuming you are not a lesbian and are asking how to make sure she doe not make a move on you, tell her that you are okay with her decision to be a lesbian, but don't make any moves on you. Tell her you still want to be friends but you don't want to date her. She should understand.

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2012-08-07 05:44:29
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Q: WHAT should you do if your friend is a lesbian and she likes you?
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How can you tell that your friend which is a girl likes you and your a girl?

you must be lesbian ^^ shot !

What is the name of the movie where the friend likes her own friend lesbian and she becomes a killer?

Kate's Addiction. Great movie!

What do you do when your best friend is a lesbian and your a girl?

Just because someone is a lesbian does not mean she likes every single girl she sees. This is just a wrong assumption. Similarly, just because your best friend is lesbian and you are a girl does not mean she likes you. If you feel strongly about it, you should talk to your best friend about it. Honesty, open communication and respect are vital when discussing this matter. Do not throw away your friendship if you are uncomfortable with her answer; work through it together.

How do you get a lesbian friend become a lover to another lesbian?

Haha ive done that for a friend. Well I told the girl my lesbian friend liked alot about her and how shes a good friend and she likes her and everyday the girl would go to me to hear about my friend until I shoved them together! lol im a match maker(:

What should you do if a friend is a lesbian to another friend?

Why should you do anything? A person's love life is their own business.

Does Miley Cyrus love Brenda Song?

No. Miley likes her as a friend- but she's not her BFF. And Miley is not Lesbian.

I want to be a lesbian but my friend will tease me what should you do?


What if a girl tell another girl she likes her?

Then that means that she is bisexual, or lesbian. This isn't a bad thing. I have a friend who is lesbian. When were at the mall, I just ask her, "hey, is she your type?"

My friend is a lesbian She is a girl She act like a boy And she likes me. How should I make her not to like me. And how can I change her to act like a real girl?

i would wait then carefully tell her that your not a lesbian like she is and if she really wants to be ur friend then shell act normally around u but maybe not others.

What do you do when you and your friend like the same guy and he likes you?

Well if he likes you, you should go for him. But since your friend like him too, you should ask your Friend.

What do you call the girl who likes another girl then likes also a lesbian?

she is simply a lesbian.(wants a girl/woman likes a girl/woman she is a lesbian)(wants a guy/boy likes a guy/boy then he is a gay)

Should you invite a lesbian to your pool party?

Well, if she's a good friend, or a friend then i don't see why not

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