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Q: There are 93 calories in a small candy bar. How many calories are there in a half dozen small candy bars?
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How many calories are there in a half dozen small candy bars?

66 calories

Candy bars are on sale for 3 for 0.70 How many dozen candy bars can be bought for 8.40?

you can buy 3 dozen candy bars

Which candy bars have the least amount of calories?

Assuming that your question is limited to the classic candy bars such as snickers, hershey bars, heath bars and all the other usual candy bars that you see at the check out counter, and all sizes being equal, then your best bet is going to be a plain Hershey's chocolate bar. It has far less of the other gunk that goes into most candy bars, but it still supplies you with that amazing chocolaty fix. On average, you will save about 30-40 calories by sticking to this.

13 candy bars weigh 26 ounces.What is the weight of 35 candy bars?

35 candy bars weight is 70 ounces.

Are there any milk free candy bars?

yea, like jolly rancher candy bars. and random candy bars in japan,

How much candy is eaten in a year?

The world eats about average, 240 candy pieces or bars a day in the world. So I would guess that it would be over 40,000 pieces or bars a year. So start cutting some calories.

Are Snickers candy?

They are candy bars.

Do candy bars spoil?

yes of course candy bars spoil the only food that does not spoil is honey :-)

How much does candy bars cost?

Candy bars will cost about .50-1.29, it just depends on the store you are at.

When Keisha sold 13 candy bars each box contained 36 bars how many candy nars did kiesha sell?

Keisha sold 468 candy bars. You have to multiply 13x36.

What candy bars have insects in them?

all candy bars have insects they have insect legs and maggots baby fly larva

Where can you buy worlds finest candy bars?

you can get at candy cool