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  • Have you ever gone for more than two days without showering and when?
  • Have you ever gone without wearing underwear all day? Why & what did you do?
  • Have you ever peed in a swimming pool?
  • Have you ever reached for someone's Butt (and actually got there)?
  • Have you ever secretly watched someone undress?
  • Have you ever skinny dipped? Do you want to?
  • Have you ever sniffed someone else's pants/knickers?
  • If you could kiss anyone in the world who would it be?
  • If you were invisible what is the first thing you would do?
  • In what situation do you feel sexy?
  • Tell us about a particularly dramatic kissing experience you have had
  • Tell us about an experience with your favorite toy
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Q: The dirtiest of diriest truth or dare questions?
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What are the best truth or dare questions?


Truth or dare questions for a boy?

truth: how big are your balls dare: snog you.

Where can one find good truth or dare questions?

If one wishes to prepare for the game "Truth Or Dare," they need a list of questions. The first and only place to go on the Internet is the website Truth Or Dare Headquarters.

I need the dirtiest of dirtiest truth or dare questions?

well there is a question that will be divided into 2 parts: 1.ask this question "What question don't you want us to ask you?" 2.ask the question he/she said N.B they will do the same when it's their turn to ask or go to this site for the best I love this site for dare go to

What are some funny truth or dare questions?

I dare you to eat your pet cat. hilarious ain't it?

What are good truth or dare truth questions beitng asked by a girl to a guy?

If you like them, dare them to blindfold them selves and kiss them and make them guess who it was.

What are some fun questions and dares for truth or dare?

i dare u to eat a cat ffod sandwich

Games to play with your crush?

1. 21 Questions 2. truth or dare

What are fun truth or dare questions?

Dare- Kiss Mum on the cheek when she is playing piano! Dare- Wrap yourself up in toilet paper!

What are fun questions to ask when playing truth or dare?

Truth: Is it true that you like ' '? Dare: Run outside and sing part of your favorite song as loud as you possibly can.

What to ask in the game of 21 questions?

just ask truth or dare questions and stuff like that <3

What are some truth questions for over text?

There are several great questions you can use for the game Truth or Dare over text. Some good truth questions are "who is your crush," who was your first kiss," and who is the friend that you love to hate."

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