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It is extremely difficult to see dirt on any dark colored liner, which sounds good,but imagine the difficulties when cleaning.

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2011-05-15 05:44:10
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Q: Should you put in a black pool liner?
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What to do with black algae spots in pool?

had the same problem . if you have a liner and it is on the underside of the liner what i did was take a block of cloriene and put it in a sock and put the sock on top of the black mold. let it sit for a few days then remove

Will the chlorine tablet you dropped into the pool not the filter canister put a hole in your liner?

Chemicals, especially chlorine, should not be allowed to sit on a pool's liner for any period of time. This will cause bleaching and could damage your liner.

Do you need anything under the pool liner?

Sand is normally put under the pool liner to create a smoother surface.

Can you put tiles in a pool without liner?

No you cannot, because the pool would leak and not work properly without the liner.

How do you put the swimming pool liner back to its place with water in the pool?

You don't! Water must be emptied, liner reset in place and pool refilled

Will a hole in the liner put dirt in your pool?

A hole in the liner is more likely to suck dirt out then let it in.

How do you put liner in a sentence?

The Titanic was a luxury liner.The liner to my pool has split and it is now leaking water.

Does it hurt liner of an above ground pool to put mulch around it?


How do you get scale off vinyl pool liner?

you must put alot of muriatic acid to burn off the liner

How much sand to put in your above ground pool?

you put a couple of inches below the liner of your above ground pool A: Taken literally, why would you want to put sand IN your pool?

Can you put a liner in an in-ground pool without a bead at the top to hold it up?


Can you put a vinyl liner in a concrete pool?

Yes you can but you would be replacing the liner every 3-4 years when you can build a gunite pool using the old pool as a base and get another 30-40 years of enjoyment out of it.

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