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When you log on to your account, you can go to your profile page, and in on the top right hand corner, there should be an "account settings" or settings option you can click on, and a drop down menu comes up. When that happens, you can go to "Privacy settings" and it will redirect you to a page where you can pick who sees what on your page.

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2009-10-23 16:57:04
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Q: On Facebook how can you make it so only your friends can see your Facebook?
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How can I only see my friends' posts on Facebook?

You can see your friends' posts on Facebook if they accept your requests to be their friends.

Can friends see wall posts to you from non friends on Facebook?

No only your firends can see them. If you are talking about people of Facebook which you are no friends with then no. Your friends that do not have facebook can not see your profile or posts.

How can you see deleted friend requests on facebook?

You cannot see your deleted friends on Facebook. You can only see the friends which are blocked by you.

How do you make a Facebook private and safe?

Only add Friends who you know in the Real World, And Set up Privacy Settings so only your Friends can see your Information.

How do you view pictures on facebook without being friends?

You can only view the photos if the owner has published them so that you as a facebook user have the right to see them. Facebook currently allows to publish an album to "Everyone", "Friends of Friends", "Friends", "Only me". So if the pictures are published only for friends, you have to fight to get into the friends group.

How do you make it to where people can't see your friends on Facebook?

privatize your settings

Is Facebook safer than aim?

AIM is safer since only your friends can see your info and you are only talking to your friends. People do tend to chose facebook over AIM. Ithink facebook can be less safe, and more safe. if you let all of your information out, it is less safe because everyone can see it..... if you make your photos and info more private (just to your friends... or better, no one!), then you are safe with facebook... hope this helps!

How do you protect our photos on Facebook?

well when you make your album you can make a group where you can select which friends you allow to see your photos! When it says 'who can see this there will be the options : only friends everyone and custom! choose custom and then select your friends! Another way is to go to your face book settings and then go to privacy settings and allow only your friends to see pictures or you can make it custom :) i hope i helped :)

Can you see who is searching for you on Facebook?

No. You can only know someone wants to be friends with you if you get a friend request.

How do you see your friends phone numbers on facebook?

You can only see friend's phone numbers in Facebook if that friend posts their number in their profile under contact information.

Do your friends on facebook see who you poke?


What was the original purpose of Facebook?

The original purpose of facebook is to communicate our friends and to see the information of of your friends

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