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non not really

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Q: Is there difference between 7 up and sprite?
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Can your classmates taste the difference between sprite and 7 up?

No, I do not have classmates.

What is the difference between sprite and 7 up?

Sprite: more sweeter and about as carbonated, maybe less 7-up: tastes ok but is less fizzy but more carbonation. I think it has caffeine in it too

Can a person blindfolded tell the difference between sprite and 7 up?

if a person can tell the difference between 2 drinks of any kind,when they are sighted,to my knowledge, that doesn't change if they're blind.

What soda has no caffeine?

Sprite does not have caffeine in it.Coca Cola produces a caffeine free version that tastes exactly like regular Coke.usually they are not dark, like sprite or fanta. check the label, they will say no caffeine.

What came out first 7 up or sprite?

7Up-1929 Sprite-1961 :P

Sprite or 7up?

7 up most def. !!!

Can you use sprite for 7 up cake?


Does sprite dissolve salt?

Yes it will dissolve for sure in either sprite or 7 up. The reason behind this is that salt will dissolve in water and since 7 up and sprite contain a certain percentage of water it will dissolve the salt.

What is the best bevrage if you have diarrhea?

sprite, 7 up or squirt

What is the difference between 7up and diet 7 up?

Diet 7 Up has no calories and contains no sugar.

What was the name of the person who invented sprite?

There is not a single person who invented sprite. It was developed by the Coca-Cola company to compete with 7-up.

Is 7 up?

7-Up is a lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage. Drinks with a similar flavor are Sprite or Sierra Mist.