Is there a dating site for under 18 years?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There won't be any legal dating site for tennagers under 18. However, if facebook is also counted as a dating site, it is.

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Q: Is there a dating site for under 18 years?
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Is there a dating site for kids under 18?


Where can i find a dating website for people under 18 years old?


What is a good site for kids to date?

Those under 18 should not do online dating. It is not a good idea.

Are there any under 18 dating sites?

Espin should do the trick! Hey as you are under 18, you should should avoid it as much as you can . under 18 is not a perfect age for dating.If you still want to visit you can go there on An free online dating website providing services like online dating tringuladating. Mavenrestin is the site I joined. It's for anyone 13 and up.

Are there any under 18 webcam dating sites?

there are probably some illegal ones although i wouldn't advise since anybody could be on there id just wait till im 18 and then join a dating site

Are there any kid dating site?

Yes!!Of course,there are many of them!Just be careful there are ALOT of creeps out there!

What are the laws in Nebraska state about dating someone over 18 when your under 18?

The dating is not illegal, but having sex is.

What is the minimum age to go on net log dating site?

it's 18 years and above. i suppose all dating website required their users to be 18yrs of age and above before they can join.

What is an adult site?

Adults sites are sites which have content that is not suitable for people under 18. These sites are often pornographic sites, but can also be dating sites. Usually these sites ask your age before you are allowed entrance to the site.

How old do you have to be to be eligable for an online dating site?

you can join any teen dating sites out there. but for me the proper age to join a dating site is 18. check out dateinsky if you're looking for a dating site well it depends if its a kids dating site go on it if its like moshi monsters or somthing well its ok if its like a normal dating site well its kindof hard to find some one hope that helps guys and on moshi monsters

Is it dating website for 11-13 yeaR OLDS?

There is not an online dating site for 11 year olds. When you hit 13, then there are dating sites your to young to be dating. focus on school and stuff first. dating is over rated.

Does Cody Simpson have an IMVU account?

No he does not, plus IMVU is a dating site for 18+