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an ocean is better for swimming because of the waves and you are able to surf and have a better time....the pool you just swim....

but it also depends on the individual....

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Q: Is swimming in the ocean better than in a pool?
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Why can you not see tides in a swimming pool?

The reason why there is no tide reaction which is the effect of the Moon is that the swimming pool is small. In addition, a ocean is much larger than a swimming pool.

Is swimming in a saltwater swimming pool like swimming in the ocean?

Sorry, but swimming in a saltwater pool is a lot different than swimming in the ocean. In the ocean, pollutants like oil, gasoline, and trash combine with fish urine and dead animals. Another big difference in a pool is that there are no waves! In the ocean, rip tides and tidal waves are a big part of the ocean's cycle. In your pool, waves are non-existent.

Does saline pool make body hair fall out?

No. No more than swimming in the ocean will.

Are all swimming pool liners the same or is there one brand that is better than the rest?

The swimming pool liners that come from reputable brands and are highly rated by its end users are probably better than the rest. Examples includes pool liners made by Certikin and Astral.

Why is it easier to float in the ocean than in a swimming pool?

It is easier to float in the ocean because of the high salt content in the water. It causes more buoyancy. The water in your pool is fresh water.

Is salt water pools good for you?

Yes, they are much better than chlorine. I would be cautious about entering a salt-water pool if you have dyed your hair blonde, I've experienced my hair turning green after swimming in a pool of salt water. It's basically like swimming in the ocean.

Why you can float better in the sea than in the swimming pool?

The salinitiy of the water allows you to be more buoyant.

Why will a swimmer be able to float more easily in the ocean than in a swimming pool?

because the salt levels in the ocean are higher than those in a swimming pool. Basically, the water in the sea is more viscous than that in the swimming pool, meaning that it is more dense. This is because of the concentration of the water (it contains salt and many other substances that makes it more concentrated). Therefore, people can float more easily in the sea.

Is indoor swimming better than outdoor swimming?

Both the swimming pool has benefits and drawbacks. It's your lifestyle to choose the type of enjoyment but I would mostly prefer outdoor swimming. It can make me more comfortable with friends. From my point of view outdoor swimming is better than indoor swimming.

How can a person float in a swimming pool?

There is more water in the swimming pool - than the person weighs.

Does 2 solar covers work any better than one on a swimming pool?

yes, but not much.

Is a rainy day better than a sunny day?

sunny day is way better as long as you have a swimming pool and keep cool

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