Is it safe to buy absinthe online?

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Absinth has been legal for sale in the US since 2007.

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2016-09-09 02:39:41
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Q: Is it safe to buy absinthe online?
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Where could a person buy an antique absinthe glass?

One may buy antique absinthe glass from the site "Absinthe Originals". They do carry original antiques pieces and have a great variety to choose from.

Where can you buy absinthe in Bangkok?

Promille Ltd sell it. Perre Kermann's Absinthe. Nice stuff.

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Where can you buy absinthe?

It is not legal to buy it in the US, but you can buy it elsewhere and bring it back - it is legal in many foreign countries. A friend of mine bought some in St. Maartin You can also buy absinthe online from other countries and ship it to the US. Be aware of websites which highlight high level of thuyone. Latest research is clear enough, high level of thujone has nothing to do with good absinthe. The only good absinthe is at least distilled one and contain anise. Sorry, it is legal to sell absinthe in the US. The ban was lifted on 2007. We have labeling requirements that differ from the rest of the world but it is available. If you try to bring it in to the US, it may be up to customs if you get to keep it.

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