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Its possible butunusual

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Q: Is it possible for a guy not to ejaculate at all during sex?
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How many times can man ejaculate during sex?

depends on the guy.

Can you get pregnant even if the guy didnt ejactulate in you?

Possible, if there was some sperm present in the pre-ejaculate.

Can a guy get a women pregnant with pre-ejaculate?

Yes. Although the chances are lower it is possible. Pre-ejaculate still contains sperm. Use a condom to prevent pregnancy.

Can a guy ejaculate from his anus during climax?

No. Not at all. I'm very curious as to why you would even ask this question. It makes me wonder what you have actually seen.

Is it possible to get pregnant if the guy didnt release sperm?

There's always pre-ejaculate so yes, there's a risk.

Can a guy pee with ejaculate?


How old are you when you pre-ejaculate?

Sometime during puberty. Not every guy produces it. There is no set time, everyone is different.

Can a guy ejaculate without being stimulated?

It is very possible. If they are just starting to go through puberty then that sort of thing can always happen, and the guy can't often control it.

Can a guy ejaculate from his butt?

Yes, you can ejaculate by rubbing the prostate gland which is reachable through the anus.

Can a girl still fall pregnant with her underwear on and the guy does not ejaculate. only pre-ejaculate?

no, she cannot

Can a guy ever run out of sperm?

It is not possible for a man to run out of sperm or ejaculate. This is because the body continues to produce more each day.

Does a guy's ejaculate taste the same as a girl's ejaculate?

Completely different chemical composition and purpose, so no.

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