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Yes. Just clean it well before and after. If playing rough in the pool hurts, then stop. Happy swimming.

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Q: Is it ok to go into a pool after getting your belly pierced?
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Can you go in the sea after getting your belly button pierced?

Yeah it should be fine :)) x

What all should you bring when you go to get your belly button pierced?

your belly button ?

How long should you stay out of water after getting your belly button pierced?

Sheets#1 says: When I got mine done they told me around 6 months (if you mean by a pool because of clorine)

Can you go jogging soon after having your belly pierced?


Can you get your belly pierced if you go swimming twice a week?

no thats the obvious answer

Where in tyne and wear can you get safe belly piercings?

Go to a body piercing studio to get your belly pierced, that will be the safest way!

Can you go swimming in a pool right after you get your ear pierced?

I was able to swim the day after I got my ears pierced

Can you go to the beach if you just got your tongue pierced?

You can indeed go to the beach, try and avoid getting sea and/or pool water in your mouth though, as that will not improve healing.

How much is the cost to get your belly button pierced in the UK?

Well i Think It depends On Were You Go!!

Does it matter what kind of belly ring i use to get my belly button pierced?

not unless u dont put a ring in on a first go

How long do it take to bath after getting a belly ring?

You can usually take a bath about 3-4 day after you get your navel pierced but whatever you do don't go swimming for at least for 4 weeks after getting it done

What is a good length of time to wait to go swimming in a pool after getting your cartilage pierced?

it honestly doesn't really matter, but just think of all the bacteria in the pool that can infect your piercing...just be careful!!