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It is not illegal to sell alcohol to a known alcoholic. However, in some places it is illegal to sell alcohol to somebody who is already intoxicated.

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Q: Is it illegal to sell alcohol to a known alcoholic?
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What is Bootleg?

# To make, sell, or transport (alcoholic liquor) for sale illegally. # To produce, distribute, or sell without permission or illegallyBootlegging refers to the illegal manufacture and/or transportation of alcoholic spirits, beer, etc. It also refers to the illegal copying of copyrighted material, such as music, movies, etc.boot leg is an album

How does the liquor clerk refuse to sell alcohol to a known alcoholic?

i can't say anything for other countries but in Australia the laws are quite clear - you are legally obligated to not serve alcohol to a person who displays the symptoms of intoxication. If they are a 'known' alcoholic ,that is really not your concern.

The Eighteenth Amendment made it illegal to purchase or sell alcohol?

The eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution made it illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport alcoholic beverages within the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof.

What was illegal to sell during prohibition?

Intoxicating alcohol

What was the sentence for bootleggers?

Bootlegging is when you sell an illegal product. Bootleggers used to sell illegally produced alcoholic beverages.

What did Gatsby and Wolfshiem sell at their drug stores?

He sold illegal alcohol

Where can you sell your bottle of 1974 Dom Perignon?

You may be unable to sell it legally in the U.S. because of legislation that requires an alcohol license to sell alcoholic beverages.

Can an 19 year old be a bartender in Washington state?

No a minor can not serve alcoholic beverage in Washington. You have to be 21 to sell alcohol and 18 to sell tabacco.

Can bahais sell alcohol?

I didn't see a specific prohibition, but since it is forbidden for Bahá'ís to consume alcoholic beverages, it doesn't seem appropriate to sell it. I would guess that if you work at a supermarket and had to sell alcohol as part of your normal duties, that wouldn't be too bad, but working in a shop that mainly sells alcoholic beverages is something I would rather avoid.

Is moonshine illegal in Wisconsin?

People are allowed to make alcohol for their own consumption but not for sale. So yes moonshine is illegal to sell.

Does a Buffalo club serve alcohol?

Buffalo clubs do not sell alcoholic beverages if the outing group or club members are consuming alcoholic beverages that were not purchased on the grounds. You can learn more about the alcoholic beverage policy of the club at the BTCGolf website.

What amdendment made alcohol illegal to consume import and sell resulting in the era of prohibition?