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No. You are only gay if all (or most) of your sexual fantasies and activities involve other guys. What you have is a "thing" for girls' underwear. This may be because of how they feel, or because you're into cross-dressing. Lots of straight guys have this "thing" NO YOUR GAY

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I where girls underwear and bar am I gay
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Q: Is it gay for men to wear girls underwear?
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What is gay men briefs?

Gay men wear the same kinds of underwear as straight men.

What type of underwear do men wear?

If your straight... then wear boxer briefs or boxers If your romantic... wear thongs If your "sexy underwear" If your like me... wear boxer briefs BOXER BRIEFS

Do amish men wear underwear?

It's against the Ordinance for the men to wear underwear.

Should men wear underwear at the weekend?

i never wear underwear at the weekend and neither does my freind, were only 8! we do wear underwear at school though.

Why underwear for men and women?

Men and women wear underwear so as to preserve or keep their private parts private.

If you are a man who loves to wear women's underwear are you gay?

== == Wearing women's underwear doesn't make you gay or straight. You're a crossdresser (sometimes called a transvestite), but that doesn't say anything about whether you prefer to have sex with men or women. Or both. It just says that you enjoy wearing women's underwear.

Can men wear only pants no underwear?


Can straight men wear thongs underwear?

Yes they can

Did Jesus wear underwear?

at that time they did not have them for men so no

What kind of underwear do Arab men wear?


How do you convince your parents to let you wear girls underwear if your a 12 year old boy?

If you're a 12 year old boy and want to wear women's underwear, explain to your parents your reasoning behind it. You may find it fits better and is more comfortable than men's underwear.

Is it dangerous for women to wear underwear to bed?

No. Men and women wear underwear to bed all the time and nothing bad happens to them.

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