Is fernado Torres gay

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Noo Fernado Torres is not Gay how do you now did you sexual relations with him

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Q: Is fernado Torres gay
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What is fernado Torres dads name?

rico Torres

Is fernado Torres in the World Cup 2010?

Yes Fernado Torres Did play in the 2010 world cup for Spain. He played as a striker.

Who is the center striker for Liverpool?

Fernado Torres

Which country does fernado Torres play for?


What is Fernado Torres nickname?

nando or El nino

Who does fernado Torres play for in the world cup 2010?


What does el nino mean aka fernado Torres?

the kid.

Is there a pic of fernado Torres with out his top?

Google Fernando Torres shirtless - sure ull find a few

How old is fernado Torres?

20 March 1984 (age 26)

Who do you like Steven Gerrard or Fernado Torres?

steven gerrad cause my god he is

What is Fernado Torres' number?

He wears number 9 for Liverpool. He also wears this number for Spain.

Which football player sells the most shirts?

Fernado Torres followed by Steven Gerrard and then Wayne Rooney