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A digital camera is hardware.

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Q: Is digital camera a software or a hardware?
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Is a digital camera a hardware or software?

A digital camera is hardware.

Is digital camera hardware or software?

A digital camera is hardware. The computer program inside that runs it is software. ----------------- Both, alone the camera (hardware) would not work without the program (software) inside it.

Is camera a hardware or software?

A camera is hardware.

What are the main examples of software devices?

printer scanner digital camera (these are hardware devices)

What software and hardware do you need to make a digital camera work on a computer?

You shouldn't need any hardware, but often time the software comes with the camera and if not you can go to the Camera's Manufactures website and download it. Also most the time you just have to plug the USB into the camera and the computer and it works right away without any software.

Where do you download software for a Vivitar digital camera 6300 from?

when you get the camera you will get a CD too. that is where you get your software!!

Is a digital game hardware or software?

Both !... The game program is software - but the cartridge on which the game is written is hardware.

Downloading software for lost CD e850 digital camera?

a software

Does a photo have to be taken with a digital camera to be downloaded to a digital photo frame?

No. Any photograph can be scanned into a computer and digitized into a format compatible with the photo frame. If you don't have the hardware or software, a photo shop will do it for you.

Is a motherboard software?

The difference between software and hardware is that hardware is a physical object. Software is digital data stored on a physical [hardware] storage device. A motherboard is a circuit board, a physical object, and therefore hardware.

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