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Q: Is absinthe legal in Iowa
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Is absinthe legal in Alabama?


Is absinthe legal in Cyprus?


Are stun guns legal in Iowa?

Yes. Stun guns are currently legal to own and use in Iowa.

Is it safe to buy absinthe online?

Absinth has been legal for sale in the US since 2007.

Is it legal to bring absinthe into the United Kingdom through customs?

Within limits, as long as you declare it

Is the absinthe in the US the same as the absinthe in Europe?

Absinthe is illegal in the US, whilst in certain countries in Europe such as Spain, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and soon France, it is legal. In terms of the actual alcohol substance, the taste must have variations depending on where it is manufactured, same as beer and wine taste differently according to the region in which it is produced. It is nearly impossible to acquire absinthe in the states.

Are throwing knives legal in Iowa?

Switchblades are completely legal in Iowa. You may own and carry the blade legally. But it cannot be concealed or you are in trouble

Is it legal to carry a butterfly knife in Iowa?

No it is not legal to carry a butterfly knife or a switchblade in the state of Iowa

Where can you buy absinthe?

It is not legal to buy it in the US, but you can buy it elsewhere and bring it back - it is legal in many foreign countries. A friend of mine bought some in St. Maartin You can also buy absinthe online from other countries and ship it to the US. Be aware of websites which highlight high level of thuyone. Latest research is clear enough, high level of thujone has nothing to do with good absinthe. The only good absinthe is at least distilled one and contain anise. Sorry, it is legal to sell absinthe in the US. The ban was lifted on 2007. We have labeling requirements that differ from the rest of the world but it is available. If you try to bring it in to the US, it may be up to customs if you get to keep it.

Are same-sex civil unions legal in Iowa?

No. Although civil unions are not legally defined in Iowa, same-sex marriages are legal in Iowa.

Is prostitution legal in Iowa?