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yes, 12 is to young for a boyfriend, at least a serious one. Even if you have a boyfriend it won't last, trust me. I mean, you can "date" but it won't really be dating.

Not at all that's around the best time to start if it doesn't work out you will have more experience for the future

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Q: Is 12 to young for a boyfriend?
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Is it too young to have a boyfriend at age 12?


Should a girl of 12 have a boyfriend?

No, it is much too young to be playing the boyfriend game. but start at a young age to learn from your mistakes.

Is 12 considered too young to have a boyfriend?

Yes. You can have a friend who is a boy, but 12 is far too young to be involved with guys.

Is a 12 year old too young to have a boyfriend?

look 12 years old is not too young for a boyfriend..... im 12 and ive been seeing the same guy for 1 year and 6months... and hes14 years old i had my first boyfriend at 9 ... that's bad! but 12.. no problem... xxx

Am i too young for a boyfriend?

The youngest age that I think is for a conpanion is 12. If your that age, than go get yourself a boyfriend!

What if your a smart pretty 12 year old girl how do you get a boyfriend?

12 years old is to young to have a boyfriend, it is ok to have firends who are boys but dating is very complicated and young boys are kinda dumb when it comes to girls anyway.

I'm only 12 but what if my boyfriend asks me to shag him?

DON'T! You're too young!

Is wrong for your 12 year old boyfriend want to makeout with you?

Yes, you are too young.

Should a 12 year old girl have a boyfriend?

It's a little too young yes but I know I had one when I was 12

Where Can you find a boyfriend at the age 12?

At school or in your neighborhood. You're to young to be looking for boys on the internet.

Can a 12 year old girl have a boyfriend?

A 12 year old girl is kind of young to have a boyfriend. It would be better 12 year old boys and girls work on just being friends first, until they are a bit older.

Can a 12 year old have a relashinship?

Yes I think so 10 is to young but 12 is a perfect age to have a boyfriend and work yourself up