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Unfortunately, when you go swimming, your period will not stop. It continues and if you are not using a tampon, you will notice blood flowing when you leave the pool. In the past, many women avoided the pool during their periods for this reason.

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2013-04-21 08:27:39
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Q: If you're in a swimming pool will your period stop?
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Does your period stop when you get into a swimming pool?

No. The cycle continues.

Your period is heavy and will not stop can you go swimming?

no you can not go swimming when your period is heavy. When it is at they very end and its not that heavy your period will not stop in the water, but will be held back. Also, if you go swimming and you have your period when you get out of the pool it might start to drip down your leg.

When was Tuen Mun Swimming Pool Stop created?

Tuen Mun Swimming Pool Stop was created in 1991.

Does your period stop when you get in a swimming pool?

The water pressure while you are swimming tends to hold in the menstrual flow. As soon as you exit the pool, however, you will notice the flow beginning again, so it is better to wear a tampon during swimming. So your period doesn't stop--it is not exiting the vagina while you are in the water.

Will you leak in the pool when on your period?

Your period will continue when you get into the pool and thus you may leak into the pool unless you use internal menstrual products to stop this from happening - and you should stop this from happening! You can use tampons, soft tampons, menstrual sponges, menstrual cups, diaphragms, or softcups in order to go swimming on your period.

Does your period stop when you are swimming?

Your period can stop while swimming and showering as your body temperature changes. i recommend still using a tampon while swimming

Instructions on how to put a swimming pool together?

how do u stop the water from coming out the sides of the pool

Why did Ian Thorpe stop swimming?

Because he got to the end of the pool.

Can a hot bath stop your period?

no, it stops only while youre showering but it wont stop it completely

Does your menstrual cycle stop when you go into a pool of water?

No, swimming or water immersion will not stop your menstrual cycle.

How can you get someone to time you in a local swimming pool without them getting in the pool at all?

They never have to enter the pool. Have them hold a stop watch. Have them stand next to the pool.

What happens if you go swimming without a tampon and your period never starts again?

It wont happen because when your in the water, the blood stays inside of you. So when you get out, a few minutes after you get out, or when the blood is ready, it will come out like any other period.

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