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haahahhahha are you joking ... ? no

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Q: If a guy tells you he likes chatting with you online does that mean he has a crush on you?
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What do you do If your crush tells your brother he likes you?

that is lucky for you then! now you know your crush likes you back!

Should you believe your crush's sister if she tells you that he likes you?

yes, unless they have a bad relationship

What does it mean when your crush tells you he knows you like him and he smiles when he tells you What is that mean?

He likes you back!! He knows and if he flirts he is head over heels for you!!

What does it mean if a boy tells repeatedly that he likes her?

Most of the time when a guy tells a girl he has always liked he means that he likes to be around her, likes her personality, and likes her as a good friend. Sometimes a guy could mean that he has had a crush on her and has wanted her to be his girlfriend.

What if a girl tells others she likes you but avoids you?

Im a girl and I tend to do that because im nervous around my crush. If you know she likes you and you like her ask her out.

What to do when a friend tells the guy that your other friend likes that the other friend has a crush on him?

Get annoyed. She/he wasn't supposed to tell

What does it mean when your crush's little 7yr old sister tells you that he told her that he likes you?

be cool about. but first make sure that its true like ask ur friends and maybe ur crush

What if your crush says he likes you but then he always tells you about girls he thinks are hot or shows you girls that like him?

dump him hes abouviesly cheating

If a guy you're chatting with online tells you he likes talking with you more does that mean anything?

If you know the guy that you are talking too online then he may be telling you the truth that he enjoys talking to you more than anyone else. If you don't know this guy then he could well be stringing you along by telling all the girls he meets the same story. Be wary of strangers online!

In romiette and julio how did spanish lover and afroqueen finally?

While chatting online julio tells romiette where he goes to school and she tells him she goes there too. They planned to meet in the cafeteria and when they do they became interested in each other.

What do you do if your secret crush is being hogged by your enemy who pretends to be your friend and you think your secret crush likes her more than you?

Tell your crush that you like him so that if your enemy tells him after you, he could choose which girl to have. if you don't tell him, then you'll be depressed because you have to watch your crush and your enemy mingle.

How do you tell your crush you love him when you know he likes you back because he tells your friend and your friend tells you?

just get some courage in your self , some self confidence , and ask him out and just tell him how you feel