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4 ~ 6 weeks before any oral activity and then when doing so use a condom.

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Q: I just got my tongue pierced like 5 days ago and i was wondering how long will i have to wait to give head and will it hurt my tongue if i do?
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What do you do if you swallow your tongue ring?

There is nothing you can do. You pretty much have to wait until you pass it. If you do not pass it within 3 days, see a doctor for some X-rays, it may be caught somewhere.

How long should you wait after getting your tongue pierced to drink milk?

wait at least six weeks so as to give your tongue a chance to completely heal

How long do you have to wait before you can drink something with citric acid with a new tongue piercing?

About five days at the most, basically it would be best if you waited till you get the smaller tongue bar when the swelling has gone down but that is when you have to go back to where you got it pierced and they will give you a free small tongue bar and put it in for you.

How long after you get a tongue piercing does it take for pain to go away because your tongue was pierced 4 days ago and the bar is making the bottom of your mouth sore and causing an indention on top?

I have had my tongue pierced for a while now and when you first get it pierced your bar will be long for the swelling it takes up too a month until you can change it but after the first week the pain will go away i recommened ice and popcicels but dairy products make it swell more and give you a chance to get a yeast infection in your mouth as for the marks at the top they will go away with ice and rinse your mouth with biotine it works greAT!!!

What is the meaning of tongue piercing?

Many people pierce their tongues simply because they think it looks cool. For these people, it's no different than a pierced nose of pierced eyebrow. However, there are people out there who pierce their tongues for sexual reasons. Rumor has it that it feels good during oral sex. You never really know for sure what reason someone has a pierced tongue, and therefore you cannot really say for sure what it means. To do that, you would have to know the individual's motivation for getting the piercing. It means there is a hole through the tongue, probably with jewelry fitted into it. That is the only sure answer to this question since different people do it for different reasons, often with no thought to the significance.

Does the piercing pagoda give you a bottle of cleaning solution when you get your ears pierced there?

i just got mine done there like 3 days ago and they did

What should you apply after getting your tongue pierced?

Your piercer should have told you. Use either natural sea salt and water or an alcohol-free mouthwash. I'll give you the link for the APP website for more details since your piercer didn't give you any info.

How do you give a male a bj?

If she is underage, you never ask her for sex. If she is an adult, you can discuss having sex, but honor her views, particularly if you have not known her long enough to form a relationship. You would definitely provide her with recent written proof that you have no venerial diseases and be prepared with contraception.

Does getting your nostril pierced hurt?

it depends on the person, for me it wasnt the piercing itself that hurt, it was about a hour or so after when it started hurt, give it about 2/3 days, it will stop hurting. You will mostlikely forget its even there after a couple days.

Do people really give their partners a tongue bath?

Yes, people really do give their partners "tongue baths."

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced with out parent in Florida?

16, U can also go 2 a Flea Market such as Carol-Mart to get it done by urself if ur 13+ But keep in mind it is illegal so don't give out the name of the person who agreed to do this