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You don't 'pass' or 'fail' a pregnancy test. Sex makes you pregnant it doesn't make any difference to the test. Only being pregant affects the test. How a pregnancy test works: You have hormones produce by your body when you're pregnant. These hormones can be found in pee, so the test measure the hormonal presence in ur pee. You can't trick it... if you're pregnant, you are Sex in a certain time won't change the hormones presence.

GO SEE A DOCTOR ASAP. They'll tell you.

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2009-07-08 17:29:47
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Q: I have all the symptoms of being pregnant but i can't seem to pass a pregnancy test could sex be messing up the results ad if how long after sex should wait to have sex?
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How long will it take for a woman to know she is pregnant and what are the symptoms?

Hello. A woman can only tell she is pregnant by doing a pregnancy test then by seeing her doctor for confirmation on the results of the pregnancy test. The first indication of pregnancy is a missed period.

If you have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative but you still have all of the symptoms of being pregnant could you be pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate, there are many reasons that they can read falsely. Visit a doctor and have a proper lab test done for more accurate results. That said, it is possible to have some symptoms of pregnancy, without being pregnant.

Is it possible to not have any symptoms and still be pregnant?

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant and not have any symptoms. The best thing to do if you suspect pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test. Even pregnancy tests can be wrong. Remember there is that .1% chance that it is incorrect. Which unfortunately, it does happen. To be safe, you should go to your doctor to get the best results.

How and when girl get pregnant?

Pregnancy results from sexual intercourse.

On the results of what test results is diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy usually made?

presentation of symptoms, a positive pregnancy test, and detection of a pregnancy outside of the uterus by means of ultrasonography

Can the parents of a pregnant minor get access to pregnancy test results?


What does it mean if your pregnancy test results are instantly positive?

You are pregnant!

What is unwanted pregnancy?

It is an accidental pregnancy that results from poorly protected or not protected sex.

What do you mean by repeatedly negative pregnancy results?

What is meant by repeatedly negative pregnancy results is that the person is not pregnant. The person is not going to have a child at this time.

You took a pregnancy test and neither lines showed any results?

your not pregnant

How does a clear blue pregnancy test results look when you are pregnant?

how do i read test

How do you tell if your pregnant while on implanon?

Take a pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant while on the contraceptve implant. The implant does not affect the results of a pregnancy test.

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