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honey its because the thought of you having sex turns him on even if it isn't with him he wants you to have sex!

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Q: I am gay and i would like a possible explanation to why my boyfriend dreams of me and him having sex with other men or just me having sex with other men?
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Keep having dreams of your boyfriend ex girlfriend?

you keep having dreams about her than that means your so jealuse and yo wish that was you

Why do you keep having evil dreams about your boyfriend?

Dreams dont normally mean anything, dreams are just basically based on what you are truly thinking and feeling. Maybe you think your boyfriend has a bad side to him?

Should you tell your girlfriend that im having dreams about your ex-boyfriend?

Yes because she well love you

Why do you keep having different dreams about your boyfriend?

It is normal to dream about things you think about often. If you think a lot about your boyfriend, it is perfectly normal to dream about him. The different experiences you have each day contribute to different dreams each night.

What does it mean when your boyfriend dreams of you pregnant?

Well........if you're having sex, he's probably worried that you'll get prego.

What does it mean when your boyfriend dreams of you going in labor and you are close to having your baby?

If you are pregnant in real life, it is perfectly natural for your boyfriend (and you, as well) to dream about your going into labor. Such dreams reflect the work of the subconscious mind, preparing you for the upcoming event. These are very normal, very good dreams.

Why do I keep having bad dreams about my boyfriend?

Dreams reflect the dreamer's thoughts, feelings and anxieties. The dreams do not provide any reliable information about anyone else, including the boyfriend, and they do not predict any future events. Depending on the content of the actual dreams, they might express the dreamer's doubts about the boyfriend's character or simply reveal feelings that the dreamer has been denying with her conscious (waking) mind.

If your boyfriend and you had the same dream of having a baby Is that true now?

No, dreams like this mean that you two think alot alike.

You keep having dreams about your ex boyfriend coming back to you?

It's called wishful thinking. Find a new boy-friend.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend dreams of having a baby with you?

It might mean that your ex boyfriend continues to have emotional attachments to you and that he longs to develop something new with you, like a relationship or a life together. However, dreams are not proof of true love, and they do not determine your destiny. You are free to make your own choices about this relationship regardless of your ex's dreams.

What does it mean to dream about a boyfriend having feelings for someone else?

my concern is to stop dreaming about ur boyfriend coz he is not having that feelings on you, you just try to impress him, then its possible for him to think about you, if its not possible , you search for someone,who is dreaming about you, just try it otherwise leave it,

Why am i having dreams about my boyfriends ex?

Maybe you're jealous of her? Did she and your boyfriend have something you two do not? Think about what she's doing in the dream and try to interpret it from there.

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